The A&D Story

A&D Auto Body was acquired by Pete Cerqua in 1997 and is owned and managed by the Cerqua family today. Pete brought over 25 years of expertise to his flourishing business. Pete skillfully worked his way through all repair and paint positions for several local independent and large dealership body shops.

When Pete was 16, he went to work for a local body shop to wash cars. He was very interested in the body repair process and was continually watching the body men work. One day, the owner got upset about this and told him to bring in some tools and he could learn to be a body man. Pete got his own tools and learned the trade. He was a body man for 4 years and then became the painter at that same shop.

Over the years, he worked for several other local body shops. He eventually became the shop foreman at a large local dealership. He then worked his way up to Assistant Manager. He later went to work for an independent body shop as the manager. When the owner of that shop found out Pete was looking to buy his own shop, he was fired.

This led Pete to A&D Auto Body, which was owned by father and son. Pete purchased the business on Grand Avenue in February 1997. He updated the equipment and acquired his own flatbed tow truck, towing vehicles to his own shop as well as retail towing to the public. His hard work and dedication to quality, safety and value increased revenue by more than 600%.

During 1999, Pete began prospecting a site for a second location and honed in on the growing Arrowhead area. Our 12,000 square foot Arrowhead facility opened in June of 2000. Our second and newest 12,000 square foot facility opened for business in Avondale on July 28, 2003. 

In March 2009, Pete unexpectedly passed away. With the longtime, dedicated staff and strong foundation Pete had in place, we are committed to continuing to provide the honest and high quality service Pete insisted on.Business continues to grow under The Cerqua Family's leadership and guidance. This just goes to show what you can accomplish when you are dedicated to quality, safety and value.